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Therapy to Recovery

I’m not a big fan of the word happy. I prefer joy. People often talk about happiness as if it were a permanent state of being, but that doesn’t seem to be reality. Joy, though, seems very real to me. It comes sometimes in short bursts, other times in long waves, or seasons. Yes, I want to help you find and enhance your joy, and that is a goal of mine as a psychotherapist and counselor, but it doesn’t stop there. I’d love for you to find lasting freedom and fulfillment. While there will always be hardship and struggle, times when we have to put our joy, or happiness, on the shelf for awhile, we can always live in freedom and fulfillment.

My goal is to set you up with some deeper understanding about yourself—maybe that means understanding why you do what you do, or maybe why your past has had a powerful impact on your present circumstances. Whatever the causes, we’ll explore them together as we root out the core issues and determine where to start looking for the healing.

I’ll work with you as we set you up with some coping abilities, some healthy defense mechanisms and most of all, freedom.

Freedom isn’t devoid of struggle; it actually makes struggle rewarding, and life worth living. And it leads to fulfillment. This will impact your relationships—with others and, of course, yourself. And I commend you for taking on that endeavor. It wont be easy but you’ll have a partner to walk through it with you. Namely, if you so choose, that will be me. I’ll fight the battle with you (and I’m a pretty good fighter). We’ll fight for joy, freedom and fulfillment.

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