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Mental Health Therapy

My clients encompass a wide range of backgrounds, ages, seasons of life, and socio-economical stations. I work with everyone from teenagers as young as thirteen to folks in their late-sixties — including singles, pre-married couples counseling and married couples; artists to folks in the corporate world.

I have clients who are unemployed, starting new careers, transitioning, going to school, and those working at high levels in major corporations. It is always my goal to be able to connect with folks regardless of age, wealth, career, color or spiritual background.

Testimonials from Drew’s therapy clients:

Trusting men again.
Finding my life at the beginning of an out of control spiral, I knew it was time for help before things evolved any further. Having been in counseling once before, I knew I needed someone with a toughness and honesty to push me. I also knew I needed to work with a male counselor, one with whom I could work through my “men issues” by developing a trusting and vulnerable relationship.

Five years healthier, I still meet with Drew regularly to keep my life on track. I see my counseling as an integral part of leading a balanced life; just like regular exercise, eating healthy, seeking spiritual growth, and finding meaningful relationships.

Drew continues to challenge me in key areas of my life, and helps me understand how old wounds or patterns of behavior resurface and need to be worked through time and time again as life circumstances change. I can honestly say that I attribute much of my emotional health in life to the work I have done with Drew. – LN

Anger issues and Family Therapy.
As a husband, father and business owner with two start-up companies and a day job, and a new baby – I was busy. All good things, but I was angry, not like normal angry, like miss my alarm and freak out angry. I was scaring my wife and damaging our relationship angry.

My experience with Drew helped me see through my anger into the hurt that was underneath, and how the rage at the end was a culmination and not a single incident. He helped me see that life isn't so black and white, and the way things "should be" aren't necessarily the way they wind up. Mostly my experience with Drew gave me permission to feel what I had been avoiding since childhood.

Having had such a beneficial experience on a personal side, when my mother's alcoholism took a downward turn and we had to remove my sister from her care, it was an easy decision to invite my family for counseling with Drew as we navigated through this difficult time. His balance of compassion, guidance and sage advice during this time was exactly what we needed.

Today, nothing is perfect, but the relationships in my family in my own household and outside are stronger and more balanced than ever before.– SL

An Artist in her Twenties
My mid-twenties have turned out to be quite the transitional period. Over two years, I have reevaluated many important areas in my life: my role as a daughter to my single mother, reconciling my life as an artist with the need to make a living, and my relationship with Christ and to the institution of the Church.

Drew’s counseling has helped guide me through this sometimes startling, sometimes exciting journey. He has shown me the value of living with tension and questions. The theme that threads through our sessions is that complexity is a gift, not something to be ashamed of. Drew also lets me throw tissue boxes at him when I get angry. That helps too.– MO

In her 60’s and recovering from divorce.
I had faced a number of crises over the years, and was also a member of the 'sandwich generation' struggling with the care and death of my parents, addiction of family members, dealing with serious issues involving my teens/young adults, and finally divorce. Even though the crises gathered over a decade, suddenly they came to a head and I lost my sanity. Not that I suffered a mental breakdown requiring hospitalization, but I simply could not cope any longer. There were too many fires to put out. The person who could always cope with and control in any situation, suddenly couldn’t do it anymore.

With feedback from Drew, I discovered that my life had turned into that of a survivor. And that was it …..simply surviving. I wasn't able to identify my own feelings and had somehow forgotten that I had rights and was actually deserving of happiness. My focus had been on the needs of my family totally excluding myself. Through meetings with Drew I learned that my own behavior was sabotaging me. Instead of being a victim of circumstances, I found ways to bring about changes in myself which added to my own contentment. Drew helped me to bridge a new and positive relationship with my adult children, which had been almost completely severed. As my recovery evolved, I gained the confidence to set boundaries with my family.

Drew is intuitive, understanding, non-judgmental, and thought provoking. He stretched my thinking, gave me perspective to see myself from the outside as well as the inside, and lead me to love myself as I am. – EM

Marriage Therapy
We fell in love quickly and knew early on that we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. We knew a relationship as deep as ours is work, and we were willing to work at it. We started going to Drew for pre-marital counseling a couple of months before we got engaged and continued with him for marital counseling for some time following the wedding.

We each came to therapy with a number of unique challenges. We both had varying degrees of obsessive compulsive tendencies. One of us had a history of being in abusive relationships, anger, and a tendency to avoid expressing emotions of vulnerability, the other a habit of always trying to over-please others, a strong tendency to avoid conflict, defensiveness, and misplaced financial fears.

Drew really helped us as individuals and as a couple, deepening our understanding of ourselves and each other. He helped us both to understand how our personal challenges and past experiences affected our relationship with one-another.

We also worked through how to better communicate our thoughts and feelings with one another. Often times if the other person did or said something that hurt us, each of us struggled even to recognize that we were hurting and we were unable to verbalize or express the emotions to the other person. Unexpressed feelings sometimes grew into feelings of resentment, and the other person had no idea where the resentment was coming from.

Drew helped us to recognize our feelings and communicate them to the other person. The communication tools we gained were invaluable to our relationship and we continue to use them and grow them each day.

We couldn’t be happier in our married life together, and we are so grateful to Drew for his help. We have suggested premarital and marital counseling to several of our friends and would suggest it to any couple. The process and the tools you will gain are invaluable to any relationship.
-JH & EH

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