The Broken Wing Counseling Getting Started

Starting Psychotherapy

Making an appointment
Give me a call, that’s the best way. Or you can send me an email if that’s easier for you. I’ll call or email you back (usually pretty quickly). Most times people want to set something up right away, which I totally dig. But if you’re uncertain about therapy, we can talk a little more about what’s happening with you and then decide what the best next steps are. I know it can sometimes be a little nerve-wracking to make that first call – like you’re a teenager calling someone for a first date – but I’m pretty easy to talk to and will try to keep it comfortable, safe and not so awkward.

What does it cost?
I have a set fee for clients; however, I also work on a sliding scale fee for those who can’t afford my regular fee. This reflects my decision to work with a broad range of clients who come from a variety of backgrounds, and not just people who can pay the big bucks. If you don’t think you can afford therapy, call or email me anyway and we’ll see what we can figure out. Maybe I can refer someone else if for some reason I’m not able to see you. But hopefully we can work it out whatever your financial circumstances are. As long as my schedule isn’t packed full, I’ll certainly try my best.

Many of my clients are able to receive reimbursement (or partial reimbursement) from their health insurance companies if they have out-of-network coverage. Consult your insurance plan to find out if you have out-of-network coverage, and what they’ll reimburse—you often have better coverage than you think. Plans tend to cover, on average, 60-80% of the cost. You’re responsible for paying for your therapy and then getting reimbursed by your insurance company. I’ll provide you with the necessary paperwork to help make that as easy as possible. It’s pretty painless, really.

Initial appointment
Each session is 50 minutes, including the first. We’re trying to accomplish a couple of things in that initial session: You and I deciding together if we’re a good match and just building the foundation for a trusting relationship. Additionally, I’ll be spending some time getting a little background on your situation. But, in some cases, if it’s needed, I’ll be giving you some help right away with what it is you’ve come in for.

Are our conversations confidential?
I strictly adhere to all legal and ethical guidelines concerning client/counselor confidentiality. I am committed to safeguarding your trust and to ensuring that all calls, emails, and counseling sessions are treated with the utmost sensitivity and privacy. I am legally bound to report issues of elder or child abuse/neglect, and threats involving intention to harm self or others.

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